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Curiosity UnLtd Turns One

I recently attended my first event with Curiosity UnLtd after being invited to rejoin the team post my internship last year. The evening was nothing short of inspiring as we celebrated Curiosity UnLtd's first anniversary with a remarkable event on Martin Luther King Day.

tv screen with the event title we are one, a blueprint for change

The heart of the event lay in Curiosity UnLtd's dedication to transforming Bristol from the 7th worst to the best place in the UK for People of Colour to live. The spotlight was on their impactful work with the Bristol Bus Boycott and the unveiling of the Bristol Bus Boycott 360 project.

The Bristol Bus Boycott Pioneers

The night became even more special as we gathered for a panel discussion featuring Bristol Bus Boycott pioneers. Their stories were not just informative but truly inspirational, providing a unique insight into the history and impact of their efforts.

The event also showcased the premiere of the song 'Anthem For Change', performed by talented young artists from Aspiration Creation Elevation CIC. Their artistry beautifully captured the essence of the Bristol Bus Boycott, reflecting on the power of protest and the journey towards creating a more inclusive Bristol.

young artists from Aspiration Creation Elevation

The lineup of speakers, including Bristol’s first high Sheriff of Jamaican descent, Sharon Foster, Jenny Foster from Sparks, poet Miles Chambers, Amy Saleh from UWE, Professor Palie Smart from the University of Bristol, and Helen Green from Clear Channel, shared invaluable insights. Mentors and young artists from Aspiration Creation Elevation showcased their impactful 'Anthem for Change,' while Lopa Patel from Diversity UK discussed the return of the Paul Stevenson lectures to the city.

The night was truly special, filled with powerful stories, insightful discussions, and a strong sense of community. It was a celebration of a year's worth of transformative work by Curiosity UnLtd, leaving all attendees inspired and motivated to contribute to the ongoing journey of change.

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