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Making racial equity everyone's business 

Curiosity UnLtd, a disruptive think-and-do tank for changemakers and activists, is dedicated to making racial equity everyone's business for the greater good. Drawing inspiration from Martin Luther King's Dream and the impactful activism of the Bristol Bus Boycott, which led to the Race Relations Act, CU proudly stands on the shoulders of giants.

Graphic Designer 

In my role at Curiosity UnLtd, I was a versatile team member, taking on various creative responsibilities:

Brand Identity Creation: I led the development of the brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and impactful representation.

Launch Campaign: Actively participated in the design and implementation of the #RaceForPower launch campaign, contributing to its success.

Social Media Strategy and Management: Formulated and executed the social media strategy, overseeing pages on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Promotional Content: Created engaging promotional content, amplifying the brand's message and reach.

Brand Awareness and Radio Assistance: Worked on raising awareness about the brand and its mission, including providing support in radio production.

Campaign Assistant 

In my role as a Campaign Assistant, I collaborated closely with the manager to contribute to various physical and online initiatives conducted by Curiosity UnLtd:

Launch Campaign (Martin Luther King Day): Played a key role in the success of the campaign, aligning with the vision of Martin Luther King's Dream.

#RaceForPower Tour: Contributed to the execution and analysis of this impactful Spring tour, that spaned across 6 events.

Diverse Perspectives Radio Show (Ujima Radio Station): Supported the promotion of the radio show, fostering diverse conversations.

Bristol Bus Boycott 60th Anniversary: Commemorated this historic event, connecting it with the present.

Drive For Change (First Bus, Bristol Ideas, and Creative Connex): Engaged in this collaborative initiative, involving a series of events and initiatives that commemorated and celebrated the Bristol Bus Boycott.

Social Media Manager 

In the capacity of Social Media Manager, I took on a central role in enhancing Curiosity UnLtd's online presence:

Comprehensive Engagement Strategy: Developed strategies to foster audience engagement across all social media platforms.

Creative Content Creation: Produced compelling content to resonate with the audience and amplify the brand's voice.

Content Scheduling: Managed the scheduling of posts to ensure a consistent and impactful online presence.

Audience Interaction: Actively engaged with the audience, fostering meaningful connections and dialogue.



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