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From Freelance to Thriving in the Marketing Agency

With freelance design work and a graphic design degree in my toolkit, I made my way to saintnicks back in May through Bristol Creative Industries and Babbasa. Working across various projects, I've honed my creative strategy, content planning, and analytical skills. I've also strengthened my design skills, contributing to both client and agency projects.

I was initially attracted to the marketing agency, saintnicks, because of its diverse client base. The opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from different industries excited me. I was also eager to experience the culture of a smaller agency in the creative industry. My first impression of the agency was that it was modern and stylish. The well-thought-out office design, with plenty of space and amenities, was impressive. The agency's culture surpassed my expectations. Everyone was genuinely friendly and welcoming. The balance between work and social activities was exceptional, fostering a collaborative and creative environment.

LIV X 4Aces bulletin
LIV X eCRM Programme

Among the projects I've worked on, I believe my internal saintnicks social media project benefited the most from my innovation. My experience running my own graphic design brand, King Visuals, helped streamline the process and grant me creative control. Collaboration has been central to my work here, and one memorable project was the LIV X eCRM programme. Working with colleagues from various teams allowed me to enhance my communication and time management skills.

In terms of outside influences, I drew inspiration from digital art and various online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Volunteering as a leader at a youth camp over the summer taught me the importance of reflection and confidence in decision-making. One challenging moment during my internship was struggling to maintain focus for extended periods. I learned that, as much as I enjoyed being around people, I sometimes needed solitude to be productive. To overcome this, I embraced flexible workspaces in the agency.

My time at saintnicks has had a significant impact on my personal and professional growth. I've grown as a person, gaining confidence in my design and strategy skills. The support and opportunities provided by my mentor, buddy, and colleagues have been invaluable. Professionally, I've had the chance to attend client project reviews, go on factory tours, and participate in agency events, all of which have strengthened my skills in the creative industry.

A tv screen in the saintnicks' creative agency meeting room
saintnicks Meeting Room

If I were to give one piece of advice to another young professional entering the creative marketing field, it would be to network and communicate. Don't hesitate to engage with people in the room and share your thoughts. Networking has been a powerful tool in my journey, providing inspiration, motivation, and valuable connections. Hearing about colleagues' industry experiences and vulnerabilities has been an eye-opening and inspiring part of my time at saintnicks.

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