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Led efforts to improve the station's online presence

As a Social Media Coordinator for Ujima, I was responsible for developing and executing strategies to enhance the station's online presence and engage with our audience effectively. My responsibilities involved content creation, community engagement, promotion of programs and events, analytics, reporting, and collaboration efforts.

Content Creation
I crafted engaging and shareable content tailored for various social media platforms, ensuring it aligned with the station's brand and resonated with our audience. This involved creating visually appealing graphics, posts, and updates to captivate our followers.

Community Engagement
I actively monitored our social media channels, interacting with our audience, responding to comments, and fostering a sense of community. Through initiatives like polls, contests, and interactive content, I encouraged audience participation and strengthened our online community.

I worked closely with other team members to ensure cohesive messaging across all channels, maintaining consistency in our brand communication. Additionally, I collaborated with on-air personalities and community members to spotlight their contributions and engage with their respective audiences.

Through these efforts, I played a vital role in enhancing Ujima's online presence, fostering community engagement, and driving participation in station events and programs.


I introduced the segment 'Question of the Week,' at the radio station. It was aimed at fostering a deeper connection between the listeners and presenters while spotlighting the talented team.


This innovative approach not only served as a platform to promote our radio personalities but also created a more personal and relatable experience for our audience, revealing the faces and personalities behind the mic.


This project required coordination of interviews, filming, and editing, alongside strategic content creation and scheduling efforts. By showcasing the diverse perspectives and personalities of our presenters, 'Question of the Week' became a cornerstone of the station's engagement strategy, strengthening the bond between the team and the listeners.

Question of the Week

Question of the Week

Question of the Week
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