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Honouring the Bristol Bus Boycott

Designs4Change, is a celebration of Bristol's rich history of protest and its pivotal role in shaping civil rights movements in the United Kingdom. 

The Designs4Change competition was launched in collaboration with Clear Channel through its Platform For Good initiative, during Race Equality Week, gaining the invaluable support of pioneers from the Bristol Bus Boycott.

The competition calls for inspirational designs that pay homage to the Bristol Bus Boycott and its profound impact on the trajectory of racial equality in Britain.

The winning designs will be showcased across a network of panels operated by Clear Channel throughout the city, transforming these spaces into dynamic canvases for artistic expression. This city-wide initiative aims to amplify the diverse perspectives that define Bristol's vibrant community, fostering dialogue and reflection on the shared history and aspirations for the future.

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Image: Clear Channel

Video: BBC Points West



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